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Community Guidelines

As a member of the Unroll community, you are expected to participate in a relevant, polite, honest and helpful way. If we find that you or others are not contributing in such ways– or if you are otherwise not complying with these Community Guidelines, we reserve the right (but do not undertake the obligation) to take down the offending content. As a member of our community, you are responsible to comply with the following Guidelines.

Some General Dos and Don'ts:



Sexually Explicit Content
Images and content that are prurient in nature – or said another way, sexually explicit – are strictly prohibited.

The same rules that apply throughout the rest of the community also apply to your profile as well. Tell people a little about yourself; use a real picture of yourself; be helpful and keep it clean. Filling out your profile with accurate information will introduce you to a whole new community of friends and help you get quality advice. You may not create false accounts or impersonate others.

Reporting Problems
If you see another user causing problems or generally ignoring our community guidelines, please report them to our team immediately through the reporting features located in our apps or website.